MoXiao City is when the other party dialed the wrong number and was ready to hang up. The other party spoke "XiaoCheng …"
"Heart bud? Is that you? Why are you crying … "
Several students came over and called the teacher. Good Mo Xiaocheng nodded with them and said hello, then turned a corner and took the stairs.
Here comes the microphone. Xue Xinlei’s low crying sound makes it sound easy to give birth to love.
"Xiao City, where did you go the day before yesterday … I called you for a whole day and a day and a night yesterday … you didn’t pick up the plane … blare, don’t you know how worried I am about you …" Xue Xinlei cried and finally got the words complete.
Mo Xiaocheng remembered that he had rescued Guo Yunyao the day before yesterday when his mobile phone rang, and he threw it into the distance. Now his card is still returned to the mobile hall early.
In a thousand words, Mo Xiaocheng said three words, "I’m sorry …"
The explanation is very pale. Mo Xiaocheng doesn’t know what to say except these three words. He won’t comfort people, especially women.
"Do you know how worried I am about you these two days … I can’t sleep without food … Do you know … I had a dream last night that you were shot … it was terrible … I desperately wanted to get close to you … but I couldn’t get through it … and then I woke up … I realized it was a nightmare, but I was very scared. What should I do? Blare … "
Mo Xiaocheng quietly listened to Xue Xinlei telling her that she was worried that he didn’t answer the phone, so she listened …
"Sorry …"
This is the second sentence of Mo Xiaocheng. I’m sorry. He rarely said these three words to people. Today, he said two words for the first time. Finally, Xue Xinlei also felt his heartache and pallor, and gradually stopped crying and complaining.
So the two men quietly took the words and didn’t speak, listening to each other and breathing through the line.
"Xiao city"
"I listen"
"I don’t blame you. I really don’t blame you. I am …"
"I know"
"Don’t do this in the future, okay? Don’t don’t refuse to answer my words, okay? I will be very worried that you will ignore me after I leave. This feeling is very uncomfortable." Xue Xinlei turned out to be a pleading tone.
MoXiaoCheng took a drag on the temperature. "No, it’s not true. I was yesterday …"
Xue Xinlei quickly blocked him from talking. "Don’t explain to me that I believe you …" She paused and added, "From the first moment I saw you, my intuition told me that you are definitely not an ordinary man. I support you in everything you do … I have a small request that when you calm down, you can remember that a little girl named Xue Xinlei has been waiting for you silently … regret!"
Mo Xiaocheng was utterly confused and didn’t know how to speak. It took him a long time to spit out a word.
Xue Xinlei finished and hung up.
At this time, the heart of Moxiao City is complicated to the extreme, and there is a kind of but since water still flows, though we cut it with our swords sorrow.
Guo Yunyao and Xue Xinlei are on one side, and he really doesn’t know how to choose.
He once had a deep understanding of the latter, and now he can also understand the former.
Guo Yunyao’s love for him is a steady stream that never stops, such as boiling frogs in warm water, and cooking his heart bit by bit, like a tree worm eating leaves and swallowing his heart piece by piece.
And Xue Xinlei’s love is a fire, which comes so suddenly and so violently that she is melted all over him. In this fire, the taste of her lips can be clearly remembered by Mo Xiaocheng at any time.
He had already paid attention to the fact that he left Guo Yunyao and flew to the United States to reunite with his brother as soon as this year passed. He promised Guo Yunxue to take care of Guo Yunyao, and a promise delayed him for more than two years. It was a good thing for Guo Yunxue to do this. I believe that her spirit can’t say that Moxiao City is not doing well enough.
Mo Xiaocheng doesn’t know the meaning of Guo Yun Snow, but he just can’t accept Guo Yunyao and can’t live in his heart. He can’t keep wasting it, which is not good for both of them. He just wants to go as far as possible.
I have a headache when I think of Xue Xinlei in Moxiao City. I always do things decisively and never drag my feet. He doesn’t know how to deal with it. Why should I take Xue Xinlei to the United States?
This idea is not realistic enough, not to mention that Xue Xinlei is still in college. More importantly, Xue Xinlei is not alone. She has family and parents. How can his parents let Mo Xiaocheng bring his daughter to the United States for so many years? You know, the United States is far from the sea, one south and the other north. Once you go to the United States, you can’t come back once a year, even once in a few years. This alone can’t make them promise.
"Alas, I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t imagine that Moxiao City is still trapped in love … The world is the world of mortals. This may be a robbery in my life!"
Mo Xiaocheng can’t figure it out. He just doesn’t want to cross the bridge. Now he feels like a super strongman, with no fists to hit cotton.
At this time, Mo Xiaocheng’s mobile phone rang again. It was a strange number.
"Hello …"
"Is it Teacher Mo? Come here quickly, Grandpa. He is in trouble. Some asshole will kick the pavilion!"
It was Qin Xiangxue calling!