I also released the gold pet beast gigalith before.
Gigalith’s strength should be able to defeat Liu Yuan’s pet beast in a short time.
The result of this battle is self-evident.
Think of this YanHao looked directly in the direction of gigalith.
But when he saw the fighting over there, he was dumbfounded immediately.
See Tamga Xiaoguang and Xiaojian unexpectedly deadlocked with gigalith for a short time.
This scene is even more amazing than Yan Hao seeing Liu Yuan, an auxiliary animal bender, bursting out with more than such terrorist strength.
At this time, Tam has started the tattoo form and magma body.
Although the increase of terrorist body makes Tam still face gigalith head-on
But there is still the ability to contain for a moment.
Besides Tam’s amazing performance, Xiaoguang and Xiaojian performed equally well.
Although the two of them are still bronze pets.
But they are not ordinary bronze pets!
Their fighting power is almost equal to that of many silver pet beasts.
Xiao Guangli in the venue kept wandering around gigalith at his amazing speed, looking for offensive opportunities.
The small sword is a strange and bright purple grain.
That braving purple something congenial grass sword makes Xiaojian attack vaguely more than Xiaoguang.
Because it can leave shallow scratches on gigalith every time it attacks.
You know, gigalith is a standard strength gold pet beast
Even if it’s not serious yet, I want it to be scratched.
That’s not something that ordinary pet animals can do.
Seeing this behind the scenes, Yan Hao couldn’t believe looking towards Liu Yuan.
Found that Liu Yuanzheng looked at Tam with a smile at the moment and they fought gigalith.
The relaxed appearance seems to be no surprise to what happened in front of me.
This little don’t early know their pet beast can stall him gigalith? !
And from the results, it seems that this is the case.
This makes YanHao not some doubt life.
With such strength, is Lu Yuan sure to be a gourmet animal bender rather than a combat animal bender? !
Chapter 163 Ever heard of … Luminous food?
Not only is Yan Hao shocked by the eye scene.
Next to the students are also very unbelievable about the scene before them.
One silver pet beast and two bronze pet beasts.
Can actually stall a real gold pet beast.
Even if this gold pet beast has not yet displayed its own field skills.
But even so, the physical strength of the gold pet beast is not that the silver bronze pet beast can compete!
And not only did the pet animals perform amazingly, but Lu Yuan, the animal bender, also shocked them.
The incarnation of thunder Kirin, let alone the animal bender, even a pet animal might not be able to carry that knife.
The strength of the pet beast is amazing, and the strength of the royal beast master is also terrible beyond imagination.
Such people … Actually and they are the same age!
Such a contrast … They are just rubbish!
Not only Lu Yuan, but also former Tina showed their imaginative strength.
The students looked at Lu Yuan and Tina with complicated eyes.
Is this the strength of special enrollment …
In the field, YanHao looked at gigalith Tam and them for a short time
I can’t help but say to Liu Yuan, "You’re so young. You’re not a gourmet animal bender. With your talent, even if you’re put into a combat animal bender, you’re the top group."
"Lu classmates are you interested in turning to our fight? It’s too wasted for you to leave your strength as an assistant. "
"Our fighting is your best place. Your talent should not be an auxiliary animal bender!"
Hearing this, Liu Yuan’s face showed a strange expression and said, "That … Teacher Yan, you said this … Dean Chen also told me."
"Dean Chen?"
Yan Hao was first one leng, and then recalled in his mind which dean of their college was Chen.
For a second, Yan Hao exclaimed, "You said that Dean Chen is not the adult of Dean Chen of our soil college!"
Liu Yuan nodded and said, "Yes, it is Chen Long, the snake and Dean Chen."
Darling, you can still see Dean Chen like that.
You know, although the whole Wilderness Veterinary College is divided into two parts: fighting and auxiliary.
Except for the fact that there are not too many people in the auxiliary division.
Fighting is divided into several colleges.
According to the five spiritual attributes, five battle colleges are divided respectively.