The atmosphere in the room is still high, but the men in wind robes and physical adventurers don’t look at the men again. Even if they look at the men, their eyes follow the ordinary people, which is generally no longer ominous.
The wind-robed man is heading for the wind, and the wind is exactly the information needed to incarnate an adventurer under Muluk’s orders to collect the stars.
During this period, Xiangfeng once paid for many adventurers to go to Tiexia Ridge to pretend to find the hunting name, but went deep into Tiexia Ridge to constantly inquire about the figures of those imperial masters.
This time, Xiangfeng came back from Tiexialing again. This time, it seems very different from the previous one. This time, Xiangfeng escaped alone.
The night is as usual, and the violent bar is as bright as usual. Although there have been several violent incidents in the bar, Xiang Feng still enjoys his delicious meal. The smell of blood in the wind robe and the messy bar have not affected the dining mood.
Adventurers are all crazy and crazy, and they are forced to live like this by constantly wandering the edge of life and death. The adventurers have a rich nightlife.
Sitting quietly in the bar with a clear flame, tiger milk wine, clear acid and cold heat, let your body * * boil, watch the bar screaming and gambling, listen to the customers, the maid, the oil, the teasing, and the creaking and trembling of the weak wooden boards on the second floor, which constantly make people groan.
To the wind, the wooden door was slowly pushed open again, and a few eyes were scanned around the bar, and no abnormalities were found, so that the trench coat was adjusted and a steady step was taken towards the dark corner.
Sasha Vujacic in the dark, the breeze blows to the wind, and when he walks quietly from the adventurer’s paradise in the direction of Yuchang County, he stops and listens from time to time.
And the violent bar, which left with the wind, was greeted by two strangers, two of whom were wrapped in veils, and two of them ignored the congregation room, so others went to the place where the wind sat and sat down and ordered the same food and wine as the wind.
Two masked men were accidentally called outside after a meal full of wine and meat, and the two masked men also learned to throw a piece of one-star king-level soul nucleus to the wind, making their hands tremble like mountains.
The atmosphere in the house is still crazy and noisy, but at this time outside the house, I carry two faces with a thick smile, but my heart is like an ice valley, because I feel a cold murder from the cold light of two masked people’s eyes.
"We just want the objective soul core?" Masked men light words are noncommittal command.
Carrying a full face of empty Han took the wind to the fast five-star soul core just now and took it out. Two masked people scraped away a piece of blood from the soul core and took out a small piece of paper.
"I’m being followed, and my opponent is very big. Please make the organization quiet and prepare for it." A few words from the current staff made me feel cold and the two masked people were happy.
Let the pack can’t believe that the two masked men stuffed the secret letter again and threw it back to the pack again. Ignoring the great sadness and joy, the pack disappeared at night, and the pack also handed over the soul core to the bar office as if something had happened.
Vujacic! In the dark night, the wind didn’t move, and quarrelling with Dan medicine to transform the body also ran like a violent wolf in the forest and sped away rapidly in the direction of Yuchang County.
However, two faint shadows floated out 200 meters away from the windward, like ghosts, stroking the branches lightly and rapidly, but kept a constant distance from the windward all the time.
Hoo hoo! With two shadows, they want to pursue the wind again, but suddenly they stop at the branches and look in the direction behind them.
Call another shadow appeared and came to the side of the two shadows, telling in detail what the three shadows had a fine bird talk, and the three shadows flew rapidly in the direction of the adventurer’s paradise
However, after the shadow left, the three people just raised a faint yellow light from the tree, and a khaki fat emerged from the ground.
"Purple flame crystal reappearance found clues" Fat mouth nagging a face of excitement, two small eyes looked at the wind direction and then at the three black shadows leaving in another direction.
On the third day, Muluke, the second person in charge of the organization, sighed and opened the envelope because the handwriting of the envelope was not windward.
"The disappearance of the head of the No.1 organization was a wake-up call to the organization two nights ago, which exposed the whole organization that the paradise group had fallen asleep." A few words made Muluk calm and his face changed, but his heart was even more like pulling.
No.1, the person in charge, is Xiang Feng. It seems that Xiang Feng is running out of luck. He organized this period of time and listened to adult Xing Qi’s request. He was very careful to observe the emperor-level strong people around him.
When Xingqi started this incident, Muluk felt that it was very unusual, especially when Xingqi stressed several times that if there was any phase information, it would be reported at the right time, which made Muluk extremely shocked. This must be a great traction.
I didn’t say anything about Xingqi, and Muluk didn’t ask too much, but Muluk didn’t guess for himself. This may be the first dangerous dilemma that the Xingqi family was established to meet.
After the return of the imperial master, especially after coming to Tiexia Ridge, Xingqi kept thinking of ways to enhance the strength of family guards, and he also kept practicing. All this was like someone chasing after him.
Put away the letters. Muluk’s face became calm again. When he left the house, he walked towards the Xingqi Retreat, feeling the sunshine in spring and the earth was green.
"It’s time to come or not." With a sigh, Muluke walked with firm steps towards the yard that exudes thick Danxiang.
There are two chapters today!
【 Chapter 343 Spring throb 】
The Xingqi Courtyard is full of green, which lasts for more than a month. Every other day or two, there will be airflow, but soon it will burst into a fragrance of pure and pure Dan.
The aura gathers and adds Danxiang aura to moisten the vegetation of Xingqi Garden, which makes it crazy to grow blue in the other courtyard. By the time this courtyard is green and green in full of green, it certainly attracts birds.
Listening to the cheerful birds singing and stepping on the grass, Muluk came to the secret room closed by Xingqi, holding hands and patting a black hole in Muzhuang, and a more intense Danxiang floated out of it.
Entering the cave lawn and closing the cage again, Muluk came to a stone door. When Muluk was about to knock on the stone door, the stone door automatically collapsed and opened with a thick smoke and a purple-haired youth came out.
In a month, Xingqi broke through the physical strength of the two stars, and began to make a lot of alchemy. One day, 14 Dan, two days, and one month, Xingqi refined more than ten three Dan and more than sixty four Dan.
Such a great achievement made Xingqi feel a little unconvinced that it was his failure for five times. As a result, Xingqi was most excited that he had been practicing for a month and Dan had rested for four times.
The advantages of powerful alchemy furnace can be seen from the success rate, quantity and control of alchemy. Of course, such success also has its own strength and strong backing.
What makes Xingqi happy is that alchemy is also a practice. After alchemy, I feel that I am slowly growing up. Yuan Ying has strengthened a lot. Of course, the black pimple iron Dan furnace has also been nourished by a lot of spiritual power and medicinal incense.
With this elixir, the family has developed for several years, but he is not so eager. Xingqi immediately stopped the alchemy, collected some good elixirs, summed up the results and experience of alchemy, and tried to find out the shortcomings of alchemy
And just then * * Star Wonder left a trace of mind outside Shimen and felt the arrival of Muluk. Star Wizards got up and opened Shimen.
Meeting room facing a face of heavy wood Lu Kexing’s eyes tightly closed for a long time, and Xingqi didn’t let the two of them swing in the secret room, and the atmosphere was extremely low.